Anodizing 陽極處理

By electrochemical methods to control layer formation. To prevent further oxidation of aluminum in order to prevent further oxidation of aluminum, while increasing the mechanical properties of the surface of the mechanical properties while increasing the surface. It is another object chemical reactions by different, produce a variety of color in order to look for beautiful.


CNC lathe 車床

The command input to the CNC machine system memory after compilation by computer calculations, through displacement control system, the information transmitted to the drive motor to drive the process to the design of machining parts.

1. CAD (Computer Aided Design)

2. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture)

3. CNC (Computer Numerical Control)


1. CAD(計算機輔助設計)
2. CAM(計算機輔助製造)
3. CNC(計算機數控)