Company Introduction


The mother company were founded in 1996. Since 2006, we have separated and solely operated to serve all industrial needs of branding and identification. WE -WORLD is certified by ISO9001:2008. To seriously monitoring the product’s quality and to satisfy clients need are the successes of WE WORLD.



WE-WORLD INTEGRATION business philosophy is "Honest, Professional, Innovative and Service."

WE-WORLD believes a logo plays an important role on your products. It speaks for your logo products and represents the company's image. Thus, it is always our goal and top priority to produce and deliver your ideal decorative elements swiftly, with the highest quality and at the most competitive price.

威宇整合的經營理念是 誠信,專業,創新,服務


WE-WORLD INTEGRATION are capable of in-house Anodizing, CNC lathe processes.

After vertical integration with other local experienced factories, we can supply vast products covering aluminum, stainless steel, brass casting parts, PC, and process covering CNC lathering, anodizing, Stamping, laser engraving, diamod cutting, Sandblasting, hairline, PU, etching, electroplating logo, etc. We are confident that your design will be completely fulfilled with satisfaction here with WE WORLD. 

與其他經驗豐富的工廠整合後,我們能提供多數的產品包含鋁,不鏽鋼,黃銅鑄造件 ,塑膠,製程包含車床,陽極處理,沖壓,雷雕,鑽切,噴砂,髮線,PU,蝕刻,電鍍標籤等。我們相信,您的設計將完全滿意在這裡與我們世界實現。

Anodizing environment 

Pretreament 前處理

Anodized 陽極處理

Color coating 染色

CNC lathe 車床

Office environment

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